Machinery equipment

JSK offers repair and overhaul of the following machinery equipment

Main and auxiliary diesel engines of many types, including the following:
-      B&W
-      NVD, VD(manufactured bySKL)
-      CUMMINS
-      DEUTZ
-      MaK
-      MAN
-      MWM
-      SULZER
-      YANMAR

JSK also performs services of diesel engines manufactured in former USSR:
-      ДКРН (Брянский машиностроительный завод)
-      Ч(ЧН) 25/34 (Первомайский машиностроительный завод)
-      Ч(ЧН) 18/22 (з-д Дальдизель)
-      Ч 8,5/11 (з-д Дагдизель)
and other types

Gas turboblowers of such types as:
-      VTR (ABB),
-      NA, NR (MANB&W),
-      Н (KBB)
-      NAPIER
-      PDH

Engine room pumps

Air compressors

Fuel and oil separators

Fittings of Impulse air systems and air cylinders